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Name:Kuki Sanban
Birthdate:Apr 2
Location:United States of America
Teenage "Numbuh 3" from Codename: Kids Next Door. Forever AU.

Kuki is, above all other things, cute. Like, to the point of being truly sickening. She can also be rather maternal. Mostly, she just wants everyone else to be happy. Kuki's second most prominent trait is her ditzy nature. Kuki isn't exactly a worrier, taking most things in stride. However, that's not to say she's free from worry entirely. She can also be ferociously angry when provoked. Kuki is a loyal friend who is willing to shoulder the greatest of tasks for her loved ones, of for the 'greater good'.
The AU spins off from canon post-Z.E.R.O., and eventually leads to Sector V being kept on as opposed to being decommissioned when they reach their teen years. However, for some of the group, their connections to the Kids Next Door become less tight as they age, and many of the friends go their separate ways. Kuki and Abby are still quite close.

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